Call Centre Dialler

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to improve their call centre dialler performance and the overall health of outbound campaigns. In this article, we’re going to give you the top 10 things we look to boost when dealing with an under-performing campaign for the first time.

1.    Penetration rate testing

The biggest thing you can do as a dialler manager, is to improve the overall number of clients your agents speak to on a daily basis. The easiest way to do this, is constantly review your dialler data – looking for trends and patterns that will help you sort your leads and dial them in the correct way.

This alone can give you a huge boost in comparison with a standard dialler campaign.

2.    Trends, trends and more trends – always be hunting for them!

Trends can appear anywhere on a dialler, certain times of day, types of data and combinations of factors. A good dialler manager is always on the hunt for interesting nuggets of information that can optimise a campaign.

When looking for trends, always remember “correlation doesn’t always mean causation – but it’s a damn good indicator!”.

3.    Find a good time frame for agents to transition from call to call

For some agents and sectors, moving from call to call extremely quick is the best way to run a campaign. For others, there has to be a period where your agents can settle down and prep for the next pitch. It’s important to find the right balance between speed, and letting your agents prep for the next call.

Team Motivation4.    Praise and motivate your agents

“Happy agents sell”, is a mantra that’s worked for many years. By praising your agents when they perform well, and offering constructive support when they need a leg up – you can get the best from your call centre staff.

6.    Use call recordings to inspire lower performing agents

By keeping the call recordings from your best performers, you can replay them to under-performing agents – showing them great ways to improve their technique and inspiring them to perform better.

7.    Keep desktops lean

Try to avoid giving your agents too much information and on-screen clutter during calls. The Blue Telecoms dialler, is a one screen system that incorporates scripting, transfers and key information at a glance.

By keeping the relevant information easily accessible on screen, you can minimise dead air and allow your agents to mental space to focus on the close.

Telephone Numbers8.     Call Blending for the CLI number

Ensure that whenever possible, inbound returned calls to the campaign are routed back to sales agents. This helps your contact rate and will also boost sales too.

9.     List penetration is key to long term campaigns

In addition, RPC rate/Conversion reports are extremely important for analysing the health of campaigns. A real time abandoned/drop call wallboard is important for your dialler manager too.

10.     Healthy food choices

Many companies offer pizza and other unhealthy snacks for their staff. Unfortunately, these snacks can actually lower your agent performance and make them sluggish. By offering healthier snacks as an alternative, you can still treat your agents, but in a way that keeps them performing at their best.