Blue Telecoms can help your staff stay productive during the day, whilst maintaining superb levels of call quality. Our automated software gives you everything you need to increase sales.

Not just a callcentre dialling system

Software InterfaceThe Bluetelecoms system offers much more. As a fully integrated communications system, you’ll benefit from a full setup, plus fully integrated PBX system. You’ll also get inbound and outbound call management, IVR’s, call menus, PCI compliant card payments, and integrated email and SMS to clients.


Use the Blue Telecoms system to integrate with the programs and CRM’s you use on a daily basis. Almost everything can connect with your Blue Telecoms software, including payment gateways, verification systems and e-signing. Essentially, our call centre system can fit neatly into your current business processes.


Get the reporting you need with Blue Telecoms. Everything from agent stats, overall campaign health and conversion data is available at the click of a button. Our support team can also build bespoke reports to suit your process needs.


The Blue Telecoms dialling system is fully complaint with Ofcom, ICO, TPS, MoJ, FCA and PCI regulations. We also provide call recording and TPS checking as standard – helping you stay on the right side of compliance.

Intelligent Workflow

With smart scripts, your agents will always know how to close each sale. Interactive click through scripts can also ensure your call centre agents stay compliant, and get the best from each customer contact they make.


Keep secure with Blue Telecoms. Our system abides by the highest industry standards, plus with our firewalls and logging – you can rest assured that your data security is high at all times.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever you need help with, support from a friendly member of the team is available via email or phone.

Less time tapping, more time talking...

Predictive Dialling
Progressive Dialling
Manual Dialling

Fancy boosting your agents productivity by up to 500%? With Blue Telecoms this dream is possible! By using our centre dialler to auto dial, rather than using manual methods, you can increase your agents talk time to 50 minutes every hour. That’s time spent actively contacting customers and helping your business grow.

Let's go live!

If you're looking to get started quickly, for up to 50 agents, your system can go live within 24 hours

If you’re moving an existing campaign to Blue Telecoms, our team can help you with all aspects of the transition – from data and users, to ensuring your inbound lines stay open.

We can also move call recordings from your old dialler, and ensure you get off to the best possible start with Blue Telecoms.

How to set up a new dialler campaign

When setting up your new campaign with Blue Telecoms, there are a few different dialling methods you can choose from.

  • Preview dialling
  • Progressive dialling
  • Predictive dialling

Preview dialling is the slowest method, whilst progressive is faster and predictive dialling is the quickest way to dial through your lists. There are other issues to consider though, such as the number of dropped calls your campaign takes. For most telemarketing campaigns, it’s the sheer amount of time each agent spends actively canvassing that matters – something which predictive dialling can boost hugely.

Now you understand the basic types of dialler, let’s explore how each method works.


Is is similar to manual dialling, but works extremely well for agents who work bespoke products, such as insurance for financial planning. These work by linking to a Customer Relationship Management system, and linking customer phone numbers to records on the database. This saves agents alot of time when pulling customer details, and also saves a little time on dialling too.


Is by far the quickest method of dialling, and will keep agents on the phone to clients when compared to manual or click to dial. In this mode, the you will actively connect calls before agents have finished their current work, to keep them from waiting. The only issue here, is that you will inevitably drop some calls – an area that is regulated quite heavily.

All types of automatic dialling share similar traits, and have benefits over manual dialling:

Keep Your Sales Staff ProductiveAuto Disposition of Call Centre No Answer Calls

Blue Telecoms automatically assign a status to no answer calls. This means your agents will never have to answer or deal with no answer calls again.

Call back Management

Call backs to clients are an important part of any telemarketing campaign. By using an automated dialer system, you can allow call centre agents to set these automatically – either assigning them individually, or on a team basis.

Keep trying engaged numbers or answer machines

Each time you reach an engaged number of answer machine, it will assign a specific status to the call. The dialler will keep calling that number back periodically, until a human answers. You can alter the way your system deals with no-answers, engaged numbers or answer machines to suit your business model.

Telemarketing AgentsUnlimited dispositions and call logging

You can assign specific statuses to any type of customer interaction, from sales to email pack sending. You can also set your Blue Telecoms dialler to take certain actions once a status has been assigned, from updating a CRM system, to sending a customer email.

Live metrics and historical reporting

When running a modern day contact centre, you’ll need access to both live and historical reporting so you can make constant improvements. In comparison with manual dialling, automated systems make it much easier to compile reports, helping you keep a tighter control over your sales floor.

Call recordings

It’s highly unlikely that any manual dialer system will offer call recording. A fully automated cloud software, such as the one Blue Telecoms offer will be able to record all your agents calls – allowing you to remain compliant and also offer feedback to your agents during appraisals.ƒcall centre