Call centre software for telesales & telemarketing

At Blue Telecoms, we specialise in software for outbound call centres. We offer a range of options, including predictive diallers, preview diallers, progressive and click to call.

If you’re just getting started with your telesales callcentre, this page should serve as a handy guide to help you understand the types of system on the market. Please do feel free to give our sales team a call if you need advice too – we’re happy to help!

Types of callcentre dialler

When looking for a new dialler system, it can be quite confusing – as there are many different types with some companies using different terminology for them.

At the basic level, there are 4 different types:

  • Predictive – This type of software speeds up the process of dialling by predicting when agents will become available. They then dial numbers preemptively to try and keep your agents busy.
  • Progressive – Very similar to predictive dialling, but without the option to preemptively dial numbers. This works out slightly slower, yet without any issues regarding abandoned calls.
  • Power – A slightly old fashioned term that literally means “progressive dialler”. Many people now refer to all types of telesales dialler by the name power.
  •  Click to call – This method can also be referred to as “preview” dialling too. Agents dial numbers by clicking a button, moving through leads one at a time. This is slow; however, can work extremely well within industries that require a more personal touch.

At Blue Telecoms, we provide servers that can provide all the dialling methods shown above. Our support team can also help you to choose the dialling method that’s most suitable for your business model.

Why Blue Telecoms

There are many reasons to choose Blue Telecoms for your next call centre software system.

  • Pricing to suit all call centres and business models
  • Technical support and help that’s available quickly and easily
  • Multiple top tier carriers mean our servers don’t go down
  • Speedy servers and infrastructure to help you dial faster
  • Superb Answer Machine Detection with 95%+ detection rate

Blue Telecoms Features


Ensure all your existing apps and services integrate fully with your call centre. With Blue Telecoms, everything from CRM’s, payment tools and mapping functionality can be displayed with every call. With so much power, the Blue Telecoms cloud server can fit directly into your business model.


With Blue Telecoms, you can receive your reporting in real time and monitor the performance of all aspects of your campaign. From individual agent stats, to complete campaign health we can help you maintain watch over your business. We can even build custom reporting too.


Stay complaint with all industry regulations including the Ministry of Justice and the ICO. We offer full call recordings and free TPS checking.

Intelligent Workflow

Maintain the quality of every interaction between your business and potential clients by using our intelligent scripting engine. Ensure your agents pitch correctly, and help them through every call with out interactive scripts.


Blue Telecoms go beyond basic security measures to ensure your data is secured at all time. From our fully encrypted servers, to our audit logging and firewalls – have faith your services are kept secure at all time.

24/7 Support

Few call centres work from 9 till 5, and neither do Blue Telecoms. Whatever the time of day, we’re available to help you from our support centre in South Wales. Although our servers are based in the UK, our support can help your wherever you need us.

The Blue Telecoms Call Centre App

With Blue Telecoms, you can take advantage of our dialler app for iPhone or Android phones.

With the APP, you can take full control of your callcentre – all from the palm of your hand.

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