Call Centre Software solutions from Blue Telecoms

At Blue Telecoms, we specialise in software for outbound call centres. We offer a range of options, including predictive diallers, preview diallers, progressive and click to call.

If you’re just getting started with your telesales callcentre, this page should serve as a handy guide to help you understand the types of system on the market. Please do feel free to give our sales team a call if you need advice too – we’re happy to help!

Contact Rate

Take your connection rate to the next level with advanced Answer Machine Detection, intelligent lead recycling and data analytics. Never wait for your agents to drop into calls again!

Call Quality

With a range of tier 1 carriers, high grade infrastructure and multiple routes – we ensure that your important projects don’t go down. With Blue Telecoms, you can expect superb sound quality and great connections.


Make sure that your valuable transfers and hot keys get through to a closer with Blue Telecoms. Our agent interface is a snap to use, plus our transfer process is designed to be reliable and seamless from the ground up.

Trusted Support

Our support team are always available to speak to. Whether you want to call, Skype or just drop us an email – we’re happy to help. If you’re curious just how quickly we answer the phone, give us a call! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Testimonial: Luigi Sabato - Financial Consultant

I’ve been working with Blue Telecoms for 5 years and have never been let down. They understand my business and deliver a dialler that works.

They have proactively provided solutions to my business needs, and maintain a great relationship.

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