Looking for a quality call dialer backed by a support team you can trust? The Blue Telecoms system is cloud hosted and helps you focus on results. Not only this, but you’ll get superb cal quality and access to all the reporting you’ll need to succeed.

Not just a call dialler...

Far from operating as a simple dialler system, the Blue Telecoms dialer is also a fully fledged PBX system – allowing you to run your existing office lines from it too. Benefit from IVR features, call management and superb reporting. Our system is an all in one solution to your telephone needs.


Have an existing CRM or payment gateway you already use? With Blue Telecoms this is no issue at all! We can integrate with almost all systems, and our helpful support team can create custom API’s to suit your needs. Above all, we’ll try to make the Blue Telecoms dialer system fit into your existing business model.


With Blue Telecoms, you can avail from reporting that shows you exactly how your business is performing. From agents stats, conversion data and contact rates – we can help you understand your workflow in as much detail as you need. Our friendly staff can also build custom reporting to suit your business needs.


Remain compliant with all current regulations by using the Blue Telecoms dialer. We can help you stay on the correct side of Ofcom and ICO requirements, and TPS checking is included from the start.

Intelligent Workflow

Work smarter, by using our features to guide your agents towards a quality call every time. From scripting engines to interactive click through scripting, we can help your agents make the most of every human contact they make.


At Blue Telecoms, we take your business security seriously. Your data is always kept safe and secure, plus we go beyond the minimum requirements to help keep your business safe and secure.

24/7 Support

Most call centers don’t work 9 till 5. That’s why the support team at Blue Telecoms doesn’t either! With us, you’re only ever a phone call or email away from superb support – whatever time you need us!

Less time tapping, more time talking...

Predictive Dialling
Progressive Dialling
Manual Dialling

Boost agent productivity by 500% and keep your agents where they need to be – taking calls. Our call dialer will help your agents stay connected to client for up to 50 minutes every hour, helping you take care of your sales and performance.

Let's go live!

If you're looking to get started quickly, for up to 50 agents, your call dialler can go live within 24 hours

With Blue Telecoms, we can turn around your new campaigns in double quick speed. Our support team is able to take care of all your transition requirements, and you’re never far from going live with a superb dialer system you can trust.