As long as your data has the town or post code, you can set it and forget it. No extra work required.

If you run an outbound call centre, you know how hard it can be to get hold of your clients or potential clients using an 0845 number or similar. How many time have you, yourself been in the situation where you’ve been called by a strange number you didn’t recognize, and decided not to take the call? It means wasted data, which can be very costly to your business, as well as extended wait times for you agents due to low answer success rates.

Blue Telecoms has a solution. As a UK numbering provider, we have numbers for all UK area codes. By configuring your dialler, we can assign either single or multiple numbers in each area code to your system, and then link that to your customer data. What then happens is a little magical. When the dialler pulls the record to be dialled, it looks up either the town or post code to find a CLI that’s local to the customer, and calls them from that number.

So far example, if you had a customer in Manchester, when the dialler calls that number, they will see an 0161 number calling them. They then answer, and the call carries on as normal. You’ll see your answer success rates increase, and you might even find that person who you’ve been trying to get hold of for months finally answers.

  • 71% of people said they were unlikely to or would not answer a call from a withheld or blocked number
  • 66% of people said they felt the same way for calls from 08 numbers
  • 75% of people said they were likely to¬†or would answer a call from a local geographical number

Can you afford to waste up to 71% of your data?

  • CLI Localisation automatically detects area codes using landline numbers, mobile numbers and post codes. There’s no configuration needed your end.
  • CLI Localisation is available on all our services
  • Guaranteed to present a professional and local image of your business