Dialler solutions from Blue Telecoms

At Blue Telecoms, we can help you solve all your dialler issues and switch you to a better system.

Contact Rate

Need to contact more clients? With Blue Telecoms, you can take advantage of our industry leading answer machine detection, outbound number rotation and lead recycling rules.

Call Quality

With Blue Telecoms, we use nothing but tier 1 VOIP carriers and infrastructure. Not only this, but we use multiple carriers, ensuring that your important projects don’t go down.


With Blue Telecoms, we know how important transfers and hot keys are to your business. This is why you can transfer calls in any way you’d like, from agent groups to external hotkeys.

Expert Support

Get help, tips and support whenever you need it. With Blue Telecoms, you never have to wait to speak to a technician who understands your business.

Testimonial: Helen Mackenzie – Purity Fundraising

Purity Fundraising has worked with Blue Telecoms for over a year, since we started trading. From day one they have helped us grow and develop our business by proactively developing their systems and reports as our requirements have grown.

They often come to us with suggestions for new reports, processes and add-ons which make our monitor and reporting to clients much easier. Given the nature of our work with charities, this reporting has been vital to us, and our clients have responded positively to the system Blue Telecoms provides. Blue Telecoms are a pleasure to work with, and I would have no hesitation recommending them.

Blue Telecoms Guide to predictive diallers

What does a dialer analyst do?

Once we’ve setup your server, what next? Well, for companies who need it, they’ll look to employ a dialer manager or analyst to ensure the whole system is running perfectly at all times. This is quite a technical job, as you’ll be looking to get the best from the system, without breaking any regulations that apply.

  • Uploads and monitors data, possibly having a say in where data is sourced from.
  • Ensures the dialer is running well at all times, resolving issues when required.
  • Makes sure that the outbound campaign is not breaking any rules or regulations.
  • Helps team leaders and supervisors to conduct any quality control tasks.

How many types of dialer are there?

Effectively, there are distinct types:

  • Predictive
  • Progressive
  • Power
  • Preview
  • Click to Call
  • Manual

There are some crossovers between types too; for example, many people refer to “power dialers”, when they actually mean “predictive”. Manual dialling can also be confused too, as this could mean using a Click to Call system or even simply dialling numbers from a paper list into a standard desk phone.

What’s the correct spelling?

This is a common thing that confuses many newcomers to the call centre industry, basically:

  • Dialer, is the American (USA) English word.
  • Dialler, is the British (UK) English word.

For the most part, you can use both and almost anyone will understand exactly what you mean!

What is an outbound dialer?

This is another acronym that confuses many people. Put simply, an outbound dialer is any form of software or system that places outbound calls. Everything from a full auto dialler, to a click to dial variant is included.

Do I need to download anything?

You won’t need to download any special software for our service to work. You simply need a modern web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) plus a soft phone program. Our software is entirely web based – which means you need no special hardware either.

If you don’t have these already, download them via our support section.

How do call centre dialer systems work?

Basically, they work in a number of steps:

  1.  Agents, will assign themselves to an outbound campaign.
  2. The server, will place calls to its list of contacts.
  3. When a call is answered, it is routed directly to an available agent.

This is a simple scenario, with many options regarding round robin, break times and even the rank an agent might have within the campaign all available too.

Is there a dialler app I can use?

Sure, with Blue Telecoms, everything is based in the cloud, making it accessible for almost anyone. If you’re interested in finding out if we can help you setup your own outbound campaigns please get in touch with us.

How does pricing work?

At Blue Telecoms, we offer 2 great value packages.

  • Pay as You Go – Pay per agent, support, calls and development
  • Unlimited – Fixed monthly fee, with all call costs and support included.

Some providers offer extremely cheap packages; however, before you take the plunge – do make sure that the cheap deal they offer, includes support and any special support or facilities you may need! It’s always best to perform your own comparison and take advantage of any software demonstrations before you commit.

Testimonials and customer reviews

We serve hundred’s of clients all across the world, with high ratings on Trust Pilot plus detailed stories of how Blue Telecoms has helped clients to grow via our Testimonials page.

How does an online dialer increase agent productivity?

Predictive Dialling
Progressive Dialling
Manual Dialling

Using the Blue Telecoms system, you can increase your agents’ performance by up to 500%. Automatic dialling enables your agents to spend 50 minutes per hour on the phone, compared to an average of 10 for manual dialling. Even our hosted click to dial functionality can improve productivity by 75%.

What companies and industries see the biggest increase in productivity?

  • Telesales & Telemarketing
  • Debt Collection
  • Home improvements (solar panels, double glazing, insulation)
  • Insurance (life insurance, private medical cover, pensions)
  • Market research