The Blue Telecoms hosted dialler will boost your agents ability to focus on the job in hand, whist delivering the call quality and features you need. By automating your outbound calls, you can keep a constant flow of customer answers to all your agents.

Not just a hosted dialler...

We offer so much more than a simple hosted dialler. The Blue Telecoms solution can cover all your communications, from a full range of PBX features to our fully fledged IVR services and SMS/Email capability. Blue Telecoms can operate at the heart of your contact centre operation.


Ensure all your existing apps and services integrate fully with your dialler system. With Blue Telecoms, everything from CRM’s, payment tools and mapping functionality can be displayed with every call. With so much power, the Blue Telecoms cloud dialler can fit directly into your business model.


With Blue Telecoms, you can receive your reporting in real time and monitor the performance of all aspects of your campaign. From individual agent stats, to complete campaign health we can help you maintain watch over your business. We can even build custom reporting too.


Stay complaint with all industry regulations including the Ministry of Justice and the ICO. We also offer full call recording facilities and TPS checking.

Intelligent Workflow

Maintain the quality of every interaction between your business and potential clients by using our intelligent scripting engine. Ensure your agents pitch correctly, and help them through every call with out interactive scripts.


Blue Telecoms go beyond basic security measures to ensure your data is secured at all time. From our fully encrypted servers, to our audit logging and firewalls – have faith your services are kept secure at all time.

24/7 Support

Few call centres work from 9 till 5, and neither do Blue Telecoms. Whatever the time of day, we’re available to help you from our support centre in South Wales. Although our hosted diallers are based in the UK, our support can help your wherever you need us.

Less time tapping, more time talking...

Predictive Dialling
Progressive Dialling
Manual Dialling

Using the Blue Telecoms Hosted Dialler, you can increase your agents’ performance by up to 500%. Auto dialling enables your agents to spend 50 minutes per hour on the phone, compared to an average of 10 for manual dialling.

Let's go live!

If you're looking to get started quickly, for up to 50 agents, your hosted dialler can go live within 24 hours

If you’re eager to get going, our transition service can help you move everything over to the Blue Telecoms family. We’ll take the guesswork out of porting your data over to us, whilst our team can ensure your contact centre dialler switches over seamlessly.