Give your existing apps and cloud services a new skill

All of our services integrate with the most popular web apps and services out of the box. Furthermore, we offer integration with bespoke services that we don’t already support, often for free. By combining our hosted dialler with your existing apps, you can create a seamless working experience and workflow in your organisation.

Customer Relationship Managers

Blue Telecoms’ hosted call centre dialler pulls relevant customer information from your CRM on demand and displays it on the agent screen so they have immediate access to that customers information.

Any updates made in the dialler will be reflected immediately in the CRM. This includes new customer records in your CRM, which is especially useful for inbound call centres.

By utilising our dialler CRM integration, you’re also able to create a detailed and robust audit trail. Lifelong call recordings, along with detailed call records can be linked to your CRM, so next time you have a customer querying what happened on an initial call 5 years ago, the recording will be at your fingertips.

Data Integrity Services

By integrating data validation services, such as address verification or bank detail verification, you can cut out typos and mistakes while the customer is still on the phone, and save hundreds of hours of administration in trying to correct faulty data.

You can also perform a credit check, and run an identity check all from one place. Our dialler integrates out of the box with these services, and many others that have API access.