Outbound call centres rely heavily on diallers to significantly increase the performance of outbound dialling. The most common issue the call centres that we speak to experience, is the amount of dead time agents have while waiting for calls, as well as how campaign data is used and managed.

Predictive diallers, such as VICIdial, are used to make multiple outbound calls per agent to the data in your campaigns, and then connect answered calls to the agents.

The main difference between a predictive dialler, and other sorts of diallers such as progressive, is that predictive diallers use complex algorithms to calculate how many calls to make at any one given time to ensure that agents aren’t constantly waiting for calls.

So how much does it improve agent wait times?

Manual dialling will generally get agents around 12 minutes of talk time per hour, and 42 minutes waiting for people to answer. The other 6 is generally spent wrapping up after a call.

A predictive dialler on the other hand, results in the opposite figures. 42 minutes of talking per hour, and 12 minutes of waiting. That’s an increase of almost 400%. 4 times as many calls per hour, taking the average talk time of a 8 hour shift from 1.6 hours of talking to 5.6 hours!

Why use a predictive dialler?

The most obvious reason for using a predictive dialler, such as the one offered by Blue Telecoms, is cost. The initial outlay for an onsite dialler is usually in the range of £100,000! Even more if you opt for call technology such as ISDN.

In addition, it can take weeks to plan and install an onsite dialler, whereas as long as you have a stable internet connection at your office, a hosted dialler can be up and running in hours.

As far as maintenance and upgrades go, a hosted dialler wins there too. There’s usually no further costs for maintenance and upgrades to our hardware, and most of the software. Onsite dialler would require a specialist to come out and perform the work, or to have a specialist member of staff, or even a team to carry out the tasks.

And, if you ever decide to expand, a hosted dialler can be expanded with usually no disruption to your call centre, and can be done almost as quickly as the initial setup, whenever you want.

Our hosted predictive dialler will help your agents to focus on their job whilst delivering exceptional reporting features and unbeatable call quality. It automates the process of making calls to ensure delivery of a high volume of live connected calls to your staff.