Monitor your dialler with our reporting tools

As standard, the Blue Telecoms dialler is loaded with performance monitoring tools and reporting to help you get the most from your telemarketing campaign. From individual agent stats, to wallboards that help you view your sales floor progress at a glance – Blue Telecoms can help.

What makes the Blue Telecoms dialler different, is that there are a number of ways you can monitor the health of your telesales campaigns.

  • Main wallboards (Team Stats, Floor Sales, Drop Rates, Wait Times)
  • Agent reports (Single Agent Reports, Team Stats, Agent Comparison)
  • Inbound stats (Dropped Calls, Inbound Calls, Wait Times)
  • IVR stats (Calls, Menu Options, Drops)

When you start your journey with Blue Telecoms, our staff can arrange full training to help you get the best from our dialler. Our team has a vast experience of the telemarketing and call centre industry, and we can help you get your campaigns up to speed quickly!