Outbound call centres rely heavily on hosted predictive dialers to significantly increase the performance of outbound dialling. The most common issue the call centres that we speak to experience, is the amount of dead time agents have while waiting for calls, as well as how campaign data is used and managed.

Diallers, such as VICIdial, are used to make multiple outbound calls per agent to the data in your campaigns, and then connect answered calls to the agents.

The main difference between predictive, and other sorts of diallers such as progressive, is that they use complex algorithms to calculate how many calls to make at any one given time to ensure that agents aren’t constantly waiting for calls.

So how much does hosted predictive dialing improve agent wait times?

Manual dialling will generally net agents around 12 minutes of talk time per hour, and 42 minutes waiting for people to answer. The other 6 is generally spent wrapping up after a call.

An auto call dialler on the other hand, results in 42 minutes of talking per hour, and 12 minutes of waiting. That’s an increase of almost 400%. 4 times as many calls per hour, taking the average talk time of a 8 hour shift from 1.6 hours of talking to 5.6 hours!

Why Use A Hosted Predictive Dialer?

The most obvious reason for using a dialer, such as the one offered by Blue Telecoms, is cost. The initial outlay for an onsite dialler is usually in the range of £100,000! Even more if you opt for call technology such as ISDN.

In addition, it can take weeks to plan and install an onsite dialler, whereas as long as you have a stable internet connection at your office, a hosted dialler can be up and running in hours.

As far as maintenance and upgrades go, a hosted dialler wins there too. There’s usually no further costs for maintenance and upgrades to our hardware, and most of the software. Onsite dialler would require a specialist to come out and perform the work, or to have a specialist member of staff, or even a team to carry out the tasks.

And, if you ever decide to expand, a predictive dialer can be expanded with usually no disruption to your call centre, and can be done almost as quickly as the initial setup, whenever you want.

Blue Telecoms Predictive Dialer Features

Multiple Call Mode

Depending on your business model, you can handle a high volume of calls with ease. From full predictive diallers, to more manual click-to-dial methods, you can tailer your Blue Telecoms server to contact clients any way you’d like.

UK Based Servers

Your voip service is hosted and controlled within the UK, ensuring you get the performance and backup your business needs. We also employ extremely high standards of security to ensure all your client data is safe and secure.

A Full, Omni-Channel System

Not just a simple dialler, with Blue Telecoms we can provide your entire telephony setup – helping you reduce costs and source everything you need from a single supplier.

PCI Compliant Payments

Take payments over the phone with our fully PCI compliant system. Your agents can pause recording to maintain compliance, plus they can re-activate call recording once they’ve finished – all at the click of a button.

Comprehensive Reporting

A modern day callcentre lives and breaths good data, that’s why with Blue Telecoms you can avail of our state of the art reporting functionality. Our dedicated support team can also help you get up custom reporting if required, to help you get the best from your predictive diallers.

Interactive Scripting

Need to collect custom information during your calls? With Blue Telecoms, you can create interactive scripting that agents can update in real time – helping you obtain the accurate customer information your business needs.

Achieve Higher Talk Times & Productivity

Blue Telecoms Predictive Dialler Wallboard

If your business uses manual dialling, our system will benefit your sales floor massively. Compared to manual dialling, agents who use Blue Telecoms will be actively canvassing clients for up to 50 minutes in every hour. That’s a huge increase over manual dialling methods.

Wallboards & Custom Reports

With Blue Telecoms, you can avail of a range of custom wallboards and real-time reports to monitor your agents as they dial. Our support team can also create custom reports or wallboards to ensure you’re focusing on the metrics that matter to your business.

Interactive Scripts

With fully interactive scripting, you can give your agents a roadmap for success, whilst allowing them to collect customer details in real time.

  • Interactive scripting.
  • Conditional logic and call pathways.
  • Collect customer information in real time.
  • Custom branding.
  • Next task buttons (Send Email, Update CRM)

Integrating Your System With A CRM

Blue Telecoms can integrate your new telephony system with almost any CRM or customer management program. This means that any customer interaction within Blue Telecoms, is automatically updated within your customer relationship management system

CRM Systems Our Dialler App Supports:

  • HubSolv
  • Sales Force
  • Sugar CRM
  • ZOHO
  • Open CRM

Dialler Feature list

  • Predictive, Progressive and Preview dialling modes.
  • Lead recycling.
  • Outside transfers and 3-way calling.
  • Interactive and intelligent scripting.
  • IVR and advanced inbound agent routing.
  • Custom music and menu/messages.
  • Answer Machine Detection as standard.
  • GDPR and PCI compliant.
  • TPS checking as standard.
  • Update your CRM using statuses and triggers.
  • Customer emailing and sms capability.

Interested in find out the prices and capabilities of our dialler system? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today!