Team morale within call centres is hugely important. If you get it right, you’ll lower the rate of sickness, boost productivity and also lower the rate that agents move onto other roles.

Here at Blue Telecoms, we take the morale of our agents quite seriously. Here are some top ideas that our agents, team leaders and managers have all used to add a splash of colour to the working week.

1. The tea/coffee run

During quieter periods of the day, we frequently allow agents to go and make a cup of tea. Frequently, this results in one person doing the tea run – with orders!

On the surface, this sounds silly and a waste of time; however, call centre work can often be quite isolating – as agents log into their systems and typically don’t stop until they go home. The tea run, results in a moment of team bonding and general chatter.

2. Always display photos or posters from recent fun events

Call centre parties are always the best parties. That’s why it’s always great to celebrate the times your team spent together outside the 9 to 5. Whether you display photos on a wall or even use a projector screen – you’ll give a smile to each and every agent who remembers the good times had by all.

3. Fundraise for charity

This is more popular now, but it wasn’t always this way. Getting your team involved in fundraising activities is a great way to energise your agents, whilst helping a worthy cause.

Another top tip, if you discover a cause most of your agents love – you’ll multiply the positive effect ten-fold!

4. Run a table football league in your break-out room

I know, it’s becoming a huge cliche for employers who offer a football table in the break-out room. That’s why it’s important to actually do something with the amenities you offer to your employees.

By introducing a football league, you’ll give a subset of your agents something to bond together over – forming relationships that will become useful over time.

You’ll get extra bonus points for setting up a blackboard to keep track of the statistics and scores!

5. Snacks

Okay, we understand that unhealthy snacks are frowned upon; however, we’ve found that offering a cheap “tuck shop” on-site actually keeps agents perky throughout the day. You don’t need to offer a diet of chocolate and chips either – healthier options can be sold for those who like a healthy pick me up.

6. Create variety in each day

Call centre work by its very nature is static and often repetitive. Both of these elements can cause mental health issues and ultimately result in good team members moving onto new roles.

By trying to improve the variety of work and daily duties for your staff, you’ll help them find more joy in their daily grind.

7. Prizes, lots of prizes!

When you run competitions, don’t simply jump to a prize with a cash value. Often, prizes that have some sentimental value can make your agents feel great! Our top picks are managerial parking spaces, time off or other office perks that agents rarely get to experience.

8. Theme days

Call centre agents can be a crazy bunch, which is why we tend to embrace the crazy and run fully themed days.

From dressing up to dying your hair a crazy colour – make the days as creative as you can.

8. Always plan for off phone time

We understand that shrinkage is a perennial issue; however, please do acknowledge that your best agents need a little time each day to come away from the phone and decompress.

They will thank you in terms of higher productivity overall and fewer sick days/absenteeism.

9. Group walks

An extremely powerful way for agents to get to know each other, is for them to take a walk on their lunch break. A team leader can be appointed to run these events, whilst your planning team should consider the agents who would like to attend them.

10. Create a career for your agents

Life can be tough for a call centre agent. The job is typically viewed as low end from outside the industry, with many agents looking to move on to better roles once they have their experience earned.

To combat this, it’s a great idea to show and demonstrate how agents can move up the career ladder if they work hard. You’ll retain your good staff members and also boost their productivity – particularly if they feel their good work will pay off.


There are a multitude of ways to make your agents work life happier, healthier and more enjoyable. By doing so you’ll cultivate a team that wants work for you, reducing shrinkage and staff loses

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