A common mistake is to assume that the use ‘Internet Protocol’ means that calls go via the public internet and are therefore free of charge. Whilst it is possible to make free calls across the internet (using Skype for example), it is not suitable for business users as there is no guarantee of call quality and the person or company you are calling must be in a position to accept the call at the other end with an Internet connected phone.

For business quality calls VoIP is used, but calls are transited over computer networks that are set up to guarantee QoS (Quality of Service). The calls are much cheaper than those carried out over PSTN and can be a huge saviour for those businesses frequently making international calls.

Another term often interchangeable with VoIP is SIP. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the network communications protocol used to control the flow of voice and fax calls using VoIP and the method of transmitting the call.

SIP and VoIP can be considered as your virtual ISDN lines, but with a higher level of reliability and flexibility. It allows you to combine voice, fax and data on one network to simplify your communications and management. Running costs are significantly reduced and your telephone bill can be reduced by up to 60%.

As an expert VoIP and SIP provider, Blue Telecoms offer IP solutions that can improve all areas of your operations, from customer service and support to sales activities.

VoIP Overview

Quick to deploy
Substantial cost savings
Easy to expand
Multi-site capability
Low startup costs