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To ensure your agents achieve a high level of productivity each day, it’s important that they give a good quality call centre headset. Headsets are one of those items that are used, abused and expected to give 100% service at all times – so it makes sense not to go cheap on them.

In reality, there are 3 things to look for when purchasing:

  1. Reliability: They have to be strong enough to withstand daily use by agents who won’t always take great care of company equipment.
  2. Comfortable: Most headsets above £20 tend to be comfortable to wear. Anything under this will lead to a decrease in agent productivity as the headsets cause discomfort over time.
  3. Noise cancelling: Some agents are fine using single piece headsets; however, older agents or those with hearing issues will prefer noise cancelling dual muff versions. Dual muff headsets are also better for quality control/monitoring sessions too.

Top USB headsets

All these headsets work perfectly with the Blue Telecoms dialler.

Microsoft Life-Chat LX-3000 – A great budget choice

Price: £20 Approx

At Blue Telecoms, we use Microsoft Life-Chat headsets frequently. They’re reliable, offer great sound quality and prove to be extremely comfortable for everyday use. Being a Microsoft product, they’re also easy to install on Windows 7/8.1/10 and also work on later versions of Mac OSX too.


  • Works easily on Windows and later version of OSX.
  • USB plug and play with no drivers required.
  • Leatherette ear pads.
  • 6 foot long cable.
  • Noise cancelling muffs

Sennheiser PC 7 + 8 USB Headset – Dual and single piece versions give your agents more choice

Price: £30 Approx

Most agents will be familiar with the Sennheiser brand, as most large callcentres use either Plantronics or Sennheiser sets. There are two versions of this set, the 7 USB and 8 USB – the only major difference is that the 7 comes with a single ear piece, while the 8 comes with dual muffs. This makes them quite helpful for callcentres who want to offer a choice between single and dual sets.


  • Available as single or dual piece headsets.
  • Noise cancelling.
  • In-line volume control and muting.
  • More lightweight than the Microsoft headset, which will suit some agents.
  • USB plug and play for both Mac and Windows systems.

Plantronics Blackwire C320 USB Headset – The best sound/microphone quality available

Price: £33 Approx

No callcentre headset buying guide would be complete without a Plantronics in the line up. For Blue Telecoms, the Blackwire C320 is our preferred option, as it’s pretty robust and easy to use. This headset is the most expensive one we recommend, yet there are some reasons why it’s a great purchase. Sound and microphone quality are superb, making this headset a good option for centres who sell high value goods or financial products.


  • In-line volume and muting.
  • Light and comfortable for daily agent use.
  • As with all plantronics headsets, designed and made for a hard callcentre life.
  • USB Works on most Windows and Apple Mac systems.


Best value for money: Microsoft Life-Chat

If you just want a cheap, robust headset that’ll keep chugging along, the Microsoft Life-Chat is a great choice. Sound and microphone quality are perfectly fine for callcentre work, plus they’re comfortable too.

Best for giving agents options: Sennheiser PC 7 + 8

If you want to give your agents a choice between single and dual piece sets, Sennheiser is the cheapest way to go about it. The 7 USB is a single ear headset, whilst the PC 8 is it’s dual piece counterpart. As with all sennheiser sets, quality in on point and should give trouble free use for years to come. Sound and microphone quality are slightly lower than the Plantronics, but not by much.

Best overall: Plantronics Blackwire C320

The most expensive, yet a great choice if you sell high value products or simply want to give your agents the best tools you can.

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