Like most businesses, your staff are the most important part of running a telemarketing campaign. Talented staff, who want to perform well can make a huge difference to the success of a project. Not only do good staff sell better, they’ll help you formulate your message to keep increasing your conversion rate long term.

However, finding good staff is not an easy task. It takes time and a solid plan to discover people that will help propel your business forward. With this in mind, here are the top tips we use to fill telemarketing vacancies.

1. Don’t look for sellers at first, focus on carers.

The most important part of telesales, is understanding the needs of the people you canvass. By employing people who focus only on sales targets or bonuses, you’ll end up with staff who want to create leads, rather than paying customers. The first warning sign that this is happening, comes when the lead to sale conversion rate drops dramatically. By employing staff who care, you’ll find that more leads will convert to fully fledged sales, as your lead generators will actively want to help their clients – rather than add another tick to the daily sales sheet!

Tip: Sellers will sell you a leads, Carers will help nurture a fully converted sale.

2. Ask the right questions at the start.

Asking the right questions of your candidate at the beginning of your hiring process will boost recruitment. At Blue Telecoms, we use situational questions to try and reveal a little of the candidates own personality. By leaving a question open, such as “Tell me about a time you needed to make sales”, you can allow your candidate to open up about their unique talents and achievements.

What we would always steer away from, is asking questions that will result in a rehearsed response. “Tell me how you achieve sales targets”, is likely to result in a well rehearsed and used answer.

Tip: Think about asking questions that will let your candidate open up about themselves.

3. Look for those who can last the course.

Telemarketing, is a hugely tiring role. To be successful, agents need to maintain a high speed whilst ensuring their prospects are looked after. By looking for staff who have a track record in staying at telemarketing roles for a period of time, you’ll discover staff who can give each and every call 100% – regardless of the time of day.

Tip: Telesales is a tiring job! Always look for the candidates who’ll last the course!

4. Personality and passion for the job

People with personality, passion and persistence will stand out immediately at the interview, filling the space with their confidence and charisma. These people tend to lift entire teams, helping your sales floor maintain momentum throughout the week.

If you can find people who are naturally positive, engaging and enthusiastic, and who enjoy being part of a team, you’ll be well on your way to building an unbeatable telemarketing force.

Tip: Personality and passion will always perform better!


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