Any seasoned sales person will carry out a number of steps after they make a call. These techniques are proven to increase sales, so they’ve built them into their daily sales flow.

Here are five actions that you should take after each call to help improve your sales:

1. Consider what you need from each prospect

After a call, you need to consider how successful that call was – plus the information gathered. If you weren’t successful, this information might be used as a way to improve your technique. It’s also worth figuring out if you lead might be a possible conversion at a later date, for example; a lead that’s in contract right now but may be free in 6 months time.

2. Study your customers

By talking with customers, you can begin to learn the common pain points they all suffer. Hopefully, you may spot a particular issue that your product can solve easily – making your marketing that much easier! Even if you don’t, just understanding what your customers go through on a daily basis will make you a better sales person.

3. Rescue your customers

Sometimes, clients can make bad decisions during the sales process – either purchasing the wrong thing, too much of a thing or not enough. As a professional sales person, you need to have a plan to try and reel these clients back in – before they make a mistake. By creating a roadmap for your customers to follow, they’ll obtain the correct solution and become long term clients.

4. Gather data straight away

Most agents have trouble remembering what was said on a call, even more so if they’re dealing with multiple clients each day. That’s why it’s important to gather and save every piece of data on each call. A good telemarketer, will take notes during each call that help them understand if they’ve a hot lead, or something that needs time.

If you’re not making use of a customer relationship management too, or the comments section of your dialler system, you really need to start. Even paper notes can become lost and/or not make much sense if your organisation isn’t great. A good telemarketer ensures they make good notes that will help them in future.

5. Follow-up plans

Even if a sale doesn’t proceed straight away, that’s not always the end of the story. Sometimes, clients just aren’t ready right now to take the next step – but may be at a later date. By following up frequently on old leads, you can double check where those prospects are in their development. It’s a known industry rule, especially in B2B sales that it takes 5 interactions with a prospect before they make the jump to being a client.

By following up leads in a friendly way, you can build rapport over time – gently warming your client.

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