Dialler technology is always advancing, expanding with new features being added. Even for experienced dialler managers, it’s often difficult to keep up
with the many ways you can monitor your data to improve connection rates.

With this in mind, here are some lesser known features that you can use to get the best performance from your outbound campaigns.

Number validations and HLR checking

Put simply, a number validation or HLR check, allows you to compare your data batch with mobiles numbers that are known to be active. Ideally, you would run your data through this check
before it’s been added to your dialler system.

Even if you operate a quality dialler, such as the one we provide at Blue Telecoms, if the data you’re uploading is of a poor quality – you’ll struggle to make contact.

How to achieve this: Ask your data provider if they offer a HLR check before delivery of your data. It’s also worth asking how they check data too, as some companies tend to cut corners by not using a HLR checker.

Running your data past the TPS system first

Luckily, at Blue Telecoms we offer a fully integrated TPS checker in real time. This means that if you’re outbound calling and a number of registered with the Telephone Preference Service, you automatically
won’t dial it. This saves you bothering people who likely aren’t interested in cold call pitches and keeps you on the right side of Ofcom regulations.

How to achieve: Ask your data provider to cleanse batches first against the TPS database, or switch your dialler system to Blue Telecoms!

Being intelligent with how you contact clients

Do you understand your product, how your clients usually purchase and the demographics they come from?

If so, that’s awesome! This means you can tailor your calls to co-inside with their availability and also when they might be most open to a sales pitch.

The easiest way to implement this, is to understand if your clients are full time workers, retired or stay at home parents. Armed with this information, you can change the times you dial to catch your
chosen demographic at just the right time:

For example:

  • Employed people – Call after 6pm.
  • Stay at home parents – Call after 10pm and before 14:30pm.
  • Retired people – Call in the mornings, between 9am and midday.
  • This is a simple version of intelligent dialling; however, there really are no limits – just the way you analyse your data and make decisions on when to pitch and how.

Route inbound calls to agents based on the inbound CLI presented

Some companies, target individual areas at specific times and in specific ways. For example, a double glazing company may be targetting conservatories and extensions in one town, yet
window replacements in another.

By ensuring that customers who’s data is mapped to a particular area are routed to certain teams, you can keep your pitches and campaigns separate.

This ensures that customers don’t have to dial generic customer service numbers to purchase a product, whilst ensuring your best sales staff are kept doing what they do best – selling!

How to achieve: Think about your inbound groups, campaigns and sales strategy before you begin to dial.

Answer Phone

Answer machine detection (AMD)

Traditional Answer Machine Detection, works by listening for pauses and sentence patterns that likely mean they number has been answered automatically.

This works 90% of the time; however, you will miss some clients purely because the automatic system has gotten it wrong. It also creates a short delay for the customers, as the dialler performs its task.

Thankfully, AMD has come along way with systems becoming much faster and more accurate in diagnosing answer machines.

For example, at Blue Telecoms, we offer a state of the art AMD system that offers an accuracy rate of 90%+ and in a super fast time! This means that your customers won’t notice, plus you’ll correctly
make contact with clients more often.

How to achieve: Use a modern AMD system, such as the one offered as standard with the Blue Telecoms dialler.

Reduce lengthy wait times with a call back feature

Waiting in line for an agent to answer if one of those modern annoyances that everyone hates!

Luckily, technology now offers a smart way to get that inbound queue down to size and improve your customer service.

When a customer calls, an automated message can play to offer a call back for those clients who just don’t have the time to wait for an agent right now. This message, can also automatically play after a set
time, ensuring that no customer is left hanging without being offered an alternative.

These call backs, will then be added to a queue for your agents to dial at a later time – hopefully when your team is less busy.

How to achieve: Ask your dialler manager to set this up for you. If you’re a Blue Telecoms customer, get in touch with our friendly team on 0333 444 555 8 and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Discover the words and phrasing used by your best performers to guide sales scripts

Now, sales teams can also deploy speech analytics – helping you to discover the works and phrased used by your team everyday to sell products.

Why is this helpful? Well, will enough data you should be able to spot patterns in certain pitches – leading to knowledge of a way of wording your product to get the best conversion rate.

Even better than this, once you have a suitable script/marketing pitch that really works, you can deploy this across all your sales channels – not just telemarketing!

How to achieve: At the very basic level, you can listen to your best sales staff – understanding exactly why/how their particular pitch is working well. You can also cross reference it will sales agents who
perform badly and/or averagely – to see how the whole team can improve.

At the other end of the scale, you can deploy software that can help you gather data on the words and phrasing that works best for you. This can be quite expesive; however, for companies who have moved through the
standard ways to boosting sales, it could provide another method to increase your conversion rate by a few more percent.

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