Maximise agent productivity and improve your contact rate

The Blue Telecoms predictive system makes use of powerful algorithms developed in-house by our expert team of programmers. These pieces of code are able to predict when your agents will become available after each call – ensuring that new client contacts are waiting for them.

This, coupled with our own advanced Answer Machine Detection system means that your agents will be actively speaking to clients for more hours each day. That’s an increase in productivity and also what matters most – your companies ROI.

Expert dialler reporting

Another great feature of our call centre dialling system, is that you have access to our huge range of reporting and analytics functions. Everything from sales reports to in-depth agent availability reporting is available, plus you have a wealth of experience from our support team to draw upon.

Whatever product or service you’re offering, we can help you improve your campaign and get it on the right path!

Blue Telecoms Dialler

Dialler software that empowers your agents

Within the Blue Telecoms agent interface, your agents can easily get access to all the information that they’ll need throughout the day. From in-call scripting, to advanced gamification features – your staff can easily see their callbacks, sales made and also gauge how well they’re doing in comparison with the rest of the team.

Empowered with this information, your agent will be able to work harder, smarter and ultimately earn more revenue for each hour worked.

Maintaining compliance and call quality

With Blue Telecoms, your dialer will record every conversation your agents have. This, plus our advanced call search functionality ensures that you have the power to maintain quality control at all times.

Our dialling system also offers a wide array of live listening options, from standard monitor modes, right through to whisper, barge and also live listening availability via our mobile and tablet enabled interface.

Intelligent Workflow

Maintain call quality with interactive scripting and call flows for every campaign you launch. Our intelligent scripting engine allows you to craft your companies message, ensuring that your agents hit every part of your pitch during every call.

Not only that, but our custom fields tool can help you gather all the relevant information for each and every client you deal with – all in real time.


Security is at the heart of Blue Telecoms. We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to ensure your hard earned data and sales stay safe in our hands.

We operate data centres across the globe too, meaning that if one server malfunctions, we can keep your systems running perfectly.

24/7 Support

You don’t work 9 till 5, so our support doesn’t either. With us, we have expert staff available 24 hours a day based in our support centre in South Wales. Whatever time you dial at, you can count on our team to be here when you need us.

A dialling mode to suit your business

At Blue Telecoms, we don’t believe that your business should be restricted to dialling in a certain way. That’s why our dialler system is available in a variety of flavours and modes for you to choose from in real time.

  • Predictive
  • Manual (Click to Dial)
  • Power
  • Random
  • Auto
  • Preview

Whatever you need from your call centre software, we have the tools to empower your business to do what it does best.

Introducing Blue Telecoms Time Line

Sometimes, you need to view at a glance what’s happening on your sales floor. With Blue Telecoms, this is made simple via our Time Line features.

This report shows you exactly what’s happening at any given time on your dialler. Showing agents in call, agents who are paused and also important statistics such as lengthy wrap times and sales.

These stats are colour coded and laid out in chronological format, giving you the vital information to maintain control at all times.

Blue Telecoms Time Line Interface

Advanced inbound call functionality

Dealing with inbound calls is a breeze with Blue Telecoms. With us, you can add powerful features to your inbound queue, helping you better deal with queries that flow in via your phone line.

  • IVR menu systems
  • Call wait time announcements and messaging
  • Inbound interactive scripting
  • Splits between agent groups and call centre/office PBX systems

Whatever your inbound requirements are, our expert team can help you realise your plans.

A support team who work at hard as you

We understand that as a business owner, nobody in your company works as hard as you do. That’s why, at Blue Telecoms our support team never stops working to keep your systems operational.

Our support team are available 24 hours a day, with expert staff always on hand to ensure you get the right help at the right time.

Interested to see how quickly we pick up the phone? Give us a call on 0333 444 555 8 now and speak to one of our friendly team.