In B2B marketing, using old fashioned techniques like ‘the puppy dog’, ‘good cop, bad cop’ and ‘impending doom’ is frowned upon. Your decision maker probably knows of these techniques and will be frustrated that they can’t have a good conversation with you.

Hopefully, the ground work has already been done before the final close. The decision maker understands exactly what the USP of your product is and understands exactly how it’s going to benefit their business. If you need a more reliable and professional way of finishing your calls, here are some top tips from the Blue Telecoms team.





Rely on quality

Your first role as a telesales agent, is to understand your product intimately. The more you understand your product and its place in the market, the easier it will be to handle any objections. Those who run the sales floor, effective training in telemarketing techniques and your product will make your tram more capable of closing out calls professionally.

The Sum up

A really good way of rounding off a sales call, is to simple run over all the points covered during the discussion. You can use this chance to run over the objections the decision make has and the solutions your business has come up with the solve them.

You can also run over any cost advantages, or ways in which the product is about to make their life easier.

End with a question

Ending with a question is a great way of closing off a conversation. Simply ask if your prospect has anything else they would like to know, or even simply what they think about the product. Asking questions shows you’re genuinely interested in solving problems and also gives you an opportunity to resolve any further objections.

Being honest

In many cases, especially during B2B calls you’ll be dealing with someone who’s already busy. Instead of closing a call slowly, being honest and stating that you’ve taken up enough of their time and you’d like to know if they’re interested in what you’ve discussed.

Most decision makers have a lengthy list of issues they need to solve. If you’re lucky, your product may actually suit one of those tasks – in which case a completed lead/sales is likely. B2B sales often take longer than B2C, yet if you just happen to make contact at the right time – you’ll complete far quicker.

For an experienced telesales agent, they’ll spot the signs that being honest and quick is the way forward.


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