Understanding how to conduct a cold calling campaign is a huge part of telemarketing. As one of the most challenging parts of the job, learning how to get better at cold calling will often bring great results and drive your business towards its goals. For most businesses, cold calling is a great way to jumpstart your outreach and grow your your brand recognition.

Learning exactly what to say during your calls, and how to come across to potential clients will directly improve your telesales performance. To get you started, here are our tips on getting off on the right path.

  1. Don’t Announce Your Call

One thing that people do when starting their career as a telesales agent, is to announce yourself and the company to everyone who answers the call. In some cases, this comes from a place of “not wanting the inconvinience people”. The best way to approach the early part of your call, is to ask for the specific person you need to speak to – you can introduce yourself and the company later.

Announcing who you represent straight away, can sometimes give an impression of pushy sales tactics too. This is a tactic well known to receptionists or gatekeepers, who will use the information you provide to shut down the conversation before it’s started.

The less information you give during the early parts of your call, the more likely it is that you’ll be passed to the relevant person to pitch to.

  1. Assume The Right To Speak To The Decision Maker

Gatekeepers are highly skilled in giving telemarketers the boot; spotting any lack of confidence you might have during the early parts of your call. By approaching a cold call by believing you’re a nuisance, you’re automatically going to be percieved as such by any receptionist.

By assuming that you not only have a divine right to call the client, but also have a great product that’s crying out to be talked about – you’ll feel more confident about cold calling. In these cases, you’re more likely to pass through any objections.

  1. Expect To Succeed

Sales is as much of a mental pursuit as a physical one. Thinking positively, your tone of voice and conversation will come across in a far more positive way. Prospects will almost always respond more positively to this – even if they’re not quite ready to close now.


All the above tips are based around positive mental attitude. Half the battle with telesales, is approaching the game with the right mindset – and a willingness to learn. Everything else will come naturally.


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