Motivational games can be a great way to keep your agents happy and productive. Our team at Blue Telecoms have implemented lots of different types over the past few years.

Although these games can be great fun, its best to think carefully about where and when to run incentives to get the best result.

If you’re still keen, here are some top suggestions from the Blue Telecoms team.

Knock Out

If you run an outbound callcentre, this is a great way to get your agents selling faster. It also doesn’t require much investment to get going, just a whiteboard marker and board.

To play the game:

  1. Draw a grid on the whiteboard, agent names in one box and sales to the right.
  2. Decide how long you want the game to last – shorter ones are often much better.
  3. When an agent makes a sale, they get to add their initials to the box.
  4. The first team to fill all the boxes wins.

One of the great things about knockout, is that it’s easy to pit agents vs agents or team pods against each other too. As for prizes, we find that longer breaks, early finishes and sweet treats are all great incentives.

Pod Wars

This game, is a spin off from the board game Battleships. Here, agents are arranged in two teams. When one agent makes a sale, they get the chance to “sink” the agent who sits in the same place on the opposing team. The loosing agent, can no longer create sales for their team and the winning agent can receive a small prize. The first team to sink everyone in their opposing team can win a larger “team bonding” prize.

This sounds crazy, yet the team element of the game really begins to make agents work with each other to get more sales. It’s a really good way to help a team bond with each other.

If you’re interested in building a team spirit, it’s worth offering an overall prize that’s worth more than many smaller ones. This could be a spa day or team lunch – anything that involves the team doing something nice with each other.

Snakes & Ladders

The idea behind this game follows the traditional board game closely.

  1. Once an agent makes a sale, they get to roll the dice.
  2. Depending on the score, they get to move along the board – just like the original game.
  3. Agents get to use ladders to move up the board, with snakes bringing them down again.
  4. If an agent rolls a nine, they get to have another go.
  5. First agent to get to the top of the table wins a prize.

This game is really good at developing individual agent performance and also creating a little competition within a single team. You can use many types of metric to drive the game, including sales or quality scores.

You can purchase vertical snakes and ladder boards, with velcro/magnetic markers on eBay and Amazon.

Call centre Jenga

This game is a little harder to run, as you need to keep the Jenga tower up and running for as long as possible; however, it always sparks a healthy interest in all agents!

  1. When an agent makes a sale, they can withdraw a piece from the Jenga building.
  2. If they manage to withdraw the piece without it falling down, they get a point.
  3. Agents keep withdrawing pieces, until the Jenga building falls over.
  4. The agent with the most points, will receive a prize.

This game can be used as a way to boost individual agent performance, or also as a way to pit teams against each other. Whatever way you decide to run the game, it always leads to huge interest and tends to boost agent performance.

Do you have any top game tips?

If you run a callcentre and have great tips for motivational agent games – please leave a comment!

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