Once your company has acquired a negative impression, it’s extremely hard to recover from. This is even more damaging when that first impression is with a potential client. Telesales professionals are usually the first point of contact with prospective clients, so ensuring your team understands how to avoid negative impressions will be a be huge help to your marketing goals.

Being too pushy

If there’s one aspect of sales that business owners hate more than anything, it’s pushy agents. Simply diving into the pitch without any groundwork or rapport building with your prospect is going to grate many people straight away. Even just a minute or two getting to know the prospect will go along way to create a positive impression of your brand.

Lack of knowledge

The decision maker within a company is always busy, so if they believe your sales staff are wasting their time – they’ll quickly form the opinion of your entire business model as “time wasting”. To prevent this is easy, ensure your agents understand the product, where it fits into the industry and how it can genuinely help the prospect.

Lack of questioning

Asking questions and genuinely trying to understand a prospects business is a great way to build a good impression. If your telesales team isn’t attempting to engage prospects in two-way conversation, sales will suffer as a result.

It’s not just about creating a good impression either. By asking questions, you may come across opportunities to solve an issue for your prospect and/or an opportunity to up-sell. This demonstrates that the agent genuinely wants to help the prospect, improving the lead outcomes of your telesales campaigns.

To achieve this, think about why you’re calling your company list. Once you understand why, you can communicate exactly how your product will help.

Pushing for a sale, instead of letting it happen

Prospects rarely become clients after a short period of time, especially within the B2B arena. It usually takes a number of interactions between a prospect and seller before a sale occurs – the relationship warming with every conversation.

Many sales people focus on the imminent sales volume they have to provide, rather than longer term goals. This can sometimes lead to a genuine sale being cast asside, as the sales person identifies a sale won’t occur quickly.

At Blue Telecoms, we often have clients that are known of for a number of months before purchasing. Every conversation or interaction with our brand warms the lead up until they’re ready to take the plunge!

This is completely normal behaviour in B2B sales and something to be nurtured!

Unknowledgeable telemarketers

Telesales agents need to be able to answer any questions thrown at them. There’s nothing more frustrating for a decision maker, than being on the phone to someone who’s trained to sell, rather than in the product range they offer. Ideally, agents should be knowledgable about the product, the industry they work within and what key competitors look like. Even just a small amount of knowledge can go along way with decision makers, helping them identify that you’re not there to waste time.

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