Getting “in the zone” is something all telesales agents need to do. Telemarketing is one of those jobs where you need to be 100% productive to hit targets and convert as many leads as you can.

For managers, it’s worth looking at the tips below – formulating a daily checklist for your agents when they start work. We find that agent conversion rates increase by 30-40% when they all follow a morning routine.

1. Attitude & distractions

When you turn up to work, are you ready to start dialling or recovering from the night before? Or you’re possibly preoccupied by things going on in your life and not really “present”. Whatever the reason, you need to spend 15 minutes getting your mind “in the zone” – clients and prospects will easily pick up if you sound like your thoughts are elsewhere.

2. Posture

Thing about how you sit during the working day. Slumping into your seat is an easy way to slow down your productivity during the day. The simple act of sitting up will make you feel more alert and ready to perform.

3. Press for success

There’s a reason why many telemarketing companies enforce a “smart business” dress code. The simple act of dressing well help your mindset become more professional and target orientated. It’s doesn’t matter exactly how you dress up, what does matter is the feeling of empowerment you get from it. Comfort and smartness are the two most important factors.

4. Ready to start

Being prepared for the day is a key part of being successful. Is your desk full of food, shopping and your screen full of social media? We suggest turning up for work earlier than normal, allowing you to get everything in order – clear desk and ready to start canvassing with a bang!

5. Morning meetings

This is a top tip that managers can implement quickly. By discussing what’s to be completed each day and giving strategies to your agent, they’ll have something to work towards each day. One of the positive parts of this, is that you can enforce a “everyone attends the daily meeting” rule – ensuring that all your agents turn up on time.

Once you have your daily meetings set, you can work on positive messaging and empowerment exercises to get your agents up and ready!

6. Replying to emails with a call

In sales, a phone call is mightier than an email. If you’re not already responding to all correspondence with a call then now is the time to start. Many dialler systems, including Blue Telecoms offer the ability to respond to emails with a call straight away. Whatever you do, try to avoid constant ping pong emails – they’re a huge time suck and rarely progress to a sale.

7. Call backs

There are two types of sales agent. Those that remember their call backs and those that forget them! Thankfully, most dialler systems can set and remind call backs in real time; however, your agents should still write down exactly what that client requires and how they can be converted to a sale. The ultimate goal, is to get your prospect to dial you back, proving that your prospect is pushed deeply into your sales funnel.


None of these tips are difficult to implement for agents who want to succeed. They might even prove to be a method of getting rid of the dead weight your sales floor carries. Some agents will ignore the advice above; they’re unlikely to last more than a month or two within a telesales role.

For managers, you’ll notice a direct increase in sales by following these tips. So print them out, start your daily sales briefings and get your agents revved up for work!

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