If you’re thinking of introducing a call centre dialler to your business, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the type of system you want. There are quite a few different modes you can use, but all of them fall roughly into four categories.

Preview (Sometimes known as Click to Dial)

In this mode, once an agent has selected ready, information about the next call is displayed to them. The number can either be automatically dialled after a set time, or the agents can choose when they want to dial.

This mode is slower than most; however, it’s extremely useful for those who deal with complex clients – such as debt management companies or collectors.

Progressive Dialler

A progressive dialler is far quicker than a click to dial version. Using this mode, agents will see the lead details, at the same time the call is dialled. If the call results in a voicemail or dead line, the dialler will cut the call and move on to the next one.

This method of dialling is quite fast, and most commonly used by small telesales companies who need to canvass large numbers of prospects each day.

Predictive Dialler

A hosted predictive dialler, offers by far the most aggressive version of call automation. Here, calls are placed independently of agents, the dialler waiting to hear a human on the other end before placing the call with an agent.

Predictive diallers also assign statuses to the calls they make, often leaving numbers that don’t answer for a period before trying again.

One of the main issues with predictive dialling, is that you’ll almost always get a small number of abandoned calls along the way. This is where a customer answers the phone, but there’s no agent available to take the outbound call. Running a predictive dialler is something of an art form, keeping your agents busy without abandoning too many client calls.

Predictive dialling is used by telemarketing companies, and is a highly regulated industry.

Power Dialler

This is a much older term that can be confusing to understand. Many people use the word power dialer to describe all automated dialling systems, whilst others use it to describe older systems developed in the 1990’s. For most purposes, the term power dialler is defunct, and we now simply use the work “dialler”.

At Blue Telecoms, we can offer solutions that use all the dialling methods listed above. Get in Touch to find out more.


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