Client data is probably the most important part of a telesales company. As the starting block for your campaign, it dictates the customers you contact – helping you match your product with the correct people. Keeping it up to date and healthy, complying with regulations such as GDPR, and using it properly can help you achieve your business goals quicker and with less fuss. This becomes even more important when you’re trying to use a power dialler to contact clients.

Privacy Policy

In May, GDPR rules finally came into force. These new rules are designed to help protect personal information, and stop the more unscrupulous marketing companies from blindly contacting customers. European Law now gives individuals the ability to prevent direct marketing, and companies have to be more careful to gain consent before making approaches.

For more information about GDPR, visit our GDPR help page and also visit the ICO Guide for more technical assistance.

Being Respectful

As soon as a business or individual asks you to remove them from your marketing list, you need to ensure you’re taking action. By continuing to contact, you run the risk of customers directly complaining to authorities such as the ICO. Even from a purely business perspective, why waste your agents time contacting people who have specifically asked not to be.

By regularly pruning your marketing lists, and ensuring that GDPR requests are actioned quickly – you can keep your list health high and only contact prospects who want to speak to you.

It’s also extremely important to obtain your customers consent before storing their details for future marketing campaigns. It’s always a huge temptation to mass contact clients; however, this can backfire hugely, and cause clients to completely opt out of further contact with you.


Ensuring your agents check client details with every call will help you keep your information up to date. This does take a few extra seconds each call, yet can make a huge difference later on – as your lists remain fresh and up to date for longer. You can even use your lists on later campaigns, safe in the knowledge your contact data is as fresh as it can be.

Getting your staff members into the habit of checking customer details, and then updating them is a great way to keep marketing lists active and healthy.


Databases are extremely technical beasts. By using a company like Blue Telecoms to host your data, you can rest easy knowing your marketing lists are backed up and stored safely. Want to know more? Get in Touch with the team today.


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