Since the new Millennium, the internet has grown to dominate B2B and B2C marketing. Between Pay Per Click, Social Media and Email, online marketing is responsible for millions of converted sales around the world. Incredibly powerful, virtually ubiquitous and versatile, the internet has transformed sales strategies forever.

Even so, there’s still one old school method of driving sales that cannot be beaten: the humble telephone. The telephone is a tried and tested part of the sales toolkit and a great way to canvass clients during the early part of the sales journey. It’s also a great way to maintain a strong relationship with clients going forward.

If you’re still not convinced of the power of the telephone, here are a few reasons why this established sales tool is still the best there is.

Building Relationships

In B2B sales, developing strong relationships are everything. Even in large companies, it’s almost always a small number of individuals that make the final decision on acquiring new services or products. Even in the business world, people are far more likely to purchase goods or services that they already know of. Most B2B sales occur after a period of time has passed – enough time for a relationship to have formed between the two companies.

To help form these relationships, the telephone is king. It’s much easier to get to know a person via the phone and gauge personality than by email. Even more, telephone conversations can expand and contract, covering more ground in quicker time than email.

Developing Trust

When we speak to someone over the phone, we automatically analyse everything they say, the subtleties of their tone of voice, as well as the words they actually use, to decide exactly what the person we’re speaking to means and to decide whether or not they’re trustworthy. The more we speak to someone, the more trustworthy we’re likely to believe they are. Companies that trust a supplier are much more likely to do business with them, both initially and in the long term.

Showing commitment

Emails are easy to type and send off to prospects; however, they’re also far easier to ignore – the average Click Through Rate being a woeful 1-4%. In comparison, telephone calls take more effort and are harder to ignore. That’s not to say that telephone calls don’t have their own issues with gatekeepers, TPS or anti spam apps, but once you find the correct person, it shows a commitment to your on going business relationship and demonstrates your company values the personal touch.

Personal, professional and direct, the telephone is a confident and powerful sales tool. To find out how out range of VOIP and dialler products could fit into your sales strategy – give our team a call today.


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