If you work on a sales floor, customer service line or research centre, you will eventually need a system where the process of placing calls is automated – helping to boost agent efficiency.

A call centre dialler, is basically a software that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers. Outbound calls that answer, are placed with an agent, whilst those that aren’t (No Answers, Answer Machines, Dead Lines) are dealt with in an appropriate way. All auto dialler machines falls under the term “CTI” or computer telephone integration.

Call Dialler Software

Most auto dialling systems, such as the one we provide at Blue Telecoms, use a algorithmic software with VOIP (Voice Over IP) built into it. Once you upload a list of contacts (In the form of a .csv file), the dialler will then work through those numbers. You can also specify certain actions too, such as the leaving of a message if the call goes through to an answer machine.

At Blue Telecoms, our auto dialer software is cloud based. This means you can make use of it anywhere in the world, and your agents don’t have to be located in one office. This is great news for companies who use home workers to complete sales/customer service tasks.

How To Setup Auto Dialler Hardware?

Setting up an automatic call centre or outbound sales floor is much easier than you think. For example, our own dialler simply requires a PC manufactured in the last 4 years, Google Chrome browser and a soft-phone program. You will also need to check your internet speed to ensure it can keep up with your dialler – for most small scale installs a fibre connection will suffice.

When we install a new system, we’ll meet with you initially to discuss your needs, and also investigate your current setup to see how easily/quickly we can get your agents dialling.

In short, we do the following:

  • Investigate your current office (Internet access, computers) to ensure full compatibility with your new Blue Telecoms system.
  • Connect your dialler to your computers. At Blue Telecoms, we use VOIP to provide our service – we’ll make sure all your agent machines are ready to take calls when you go live.
  • Upload all your contacts and customer lists. We’ll ensure your data is uploaded correctly, and also provide training to your admin staff so they can upload data in the future.
  • Ready to make calls. Once installed, your agents will be ready to make calls! Our staff are on-hand at any time, to ensure you get off to the best start.

What Companies Benefit From An Auto Dialler?

Automated dialler systems can benefit all types of businesses. The most obvious example is outbound telemarketing service; however, any customer facing or research organisation that needs to contact clients en-mass will benefit from the efficiency of call dialler software. If you’d like to see how Blue Telecoms could benefit your business, get in touch with our friendly team.