If you business already uses telemarketing to create leads, you’ve probably come across “click to call” dialers before. These programs, allow agents to speedily move through calls at a speed far greater than manual dialling enables.

How Does a Click to Call Dialler Work?

Put simply, a click to call dialer enables agents to simply “click” to move to the next lead. By making use of dialer software like Blue Telecoms, you’ll also be able to record all calls, make seamless transfers and also integrate with most CRM systems. You’ll also be able to use reporting tools to discover stats about how your campaigns are performing.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Click Dialer?

Click to dial, offers quite a few benefits over manual dialling:

  • Speeds up the rate your agents dial new numbers.
  • Allows full dialer/pbx functionality (call recording, lead statuses, analytics).
  • Fewer mistakes (wrong numbers, forgotten leads, database driven).

Ultimately, if your agents are dialling manually – you’ll see a huge uptick in the number of calls and sales your agents generate each day.

1. You’ll Save Time Typing Numbers

There are two ways in which click to dial helps with typing numbers:

  • Increased speed.
  • Fewer mistakes.

Click-to-dial helps your agents to move through leads quicker – getting to human answer more quickly. They also help to streamline the whole process of making outbound calls and assigning statuses as you move through the calling list.

2. Automatic Data Logging

One of the biggest issues with manual dialling, is that accurate data is rarely collected. At best, break times and after call work isn’t monitored properly whilst at worst, individual leads can be forgotten about!

An automated click to dial server will log all data, including call durations, after call time and recordings too. This data can become a huge boon for service teams, as they can make small tweaks to how they handle calls and leads.

Another benefit, is this data is all logged in real time by the system – leaving your agents free for more important things!

3. Call Recording

By not recording your calls, you’re missing out on chances to improve agent training and provide feedback. You’re also leaving you organisation open to legal issues, as what’s discussed on your phone lines is not properly monitored.

By using a click to dial system, you can resolve all these issues – recordings all phone calls both inbound and outbound.

5. Priority Leads

When using a dialler, one of the main benefits, is that you can maintain fine control over the leads you upload to the system.

You can choose to dial leads in almost any order you would like:

  • Least dialled numbers first.
  • Leads that satisfy a requirement (postal code area, area code, custom data).
  • Leads that are callbacks/hot keys.

By focusing on the leads that have a greater chance of converting, you’ll improve your sales and conversion rate hugely.

6. Hot Leads & Web Leads

If you company drives web leads or other types of hot key, an automated click dialer will make the whole process quicker. Leads can be automatically imported into your dialler, ready to be dialled by the next available agent.

This is beneficial for any company that needs to contact new leads quickly.

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