If you run a busy outbound call centre, your supply of fresh, quality data is just about the most important thing to get right. Even the best dialler in the world (Blue Telecoms, cough…) won’t function without good data/leads – leaving your entire business at risk.

So how do you find quality data? There are some extremely good vendors out there, many which we’ve been lucky to work with in the past; however, there are more poor quality vendors than ever – typically lurking on social media.

Here are out top tips on obtaining good data or leads:

1. Decide exactly what you need.

Leads and data aren’t a one size fits all solution. What works in one vertical, just won’t fly at all if you apply the same ideas elsewhere.

In general, there are a few different types of data/leads:

  • B2C – Consumer data on people/households.
  • B2B – Business data, often with details about the main decision maker within the company.
  • HotKey – “Hot to trot” leads that have been previously warmed by a telemarketing/sales company. These are typically live transferred into your contact centre.
  • Web Leads – Leads driven by the internet that can take many forms, with differing quality.

The type of data you require, depends much on what you’re trying to achieve:

  • Leg-work, are you focusing on end of sales funnel conversions, or the beginning? Or are you attempting to vertically integrate your whole sales funnel?
    Are you a cold calling centre? Or do your agents focus mainly on inbound/warmed outbound leads.
  • Cost, some companies may not have the budget/experience to create their own web-leads or hotkeys.
  • Our advice, is to think carefully about where your business fits into the customer journey. One you understand this, the type of data you require will become clear.

2. Vetting data/leadgen companies.

Reputable leadgen/data companies will abide by the law and any regulations, GDPR being a recent example. To spot these companies is easy, once you understand what to look for:

  • Ask colleagues/staff who have experience within the area.
  • Look for companies that have existed for years (Domain Registration Age, Companies House, Better Business Bureau).
  • Look for positive reviews/experience of the company on social media. LinkedIn being a good example.
  • Look for examples the company have invested in the business (A good quality website, NGN service numbers, Business email).
  • If you’re a current client of Blue Telecoms, we can help you discover your perfect data provider through our range of contacts.

3. Assessing quality and avoiding pitfalls.

It’s always worth checking the quality of data/leads your supplier brings in. The world of leads isn’t static, meaning that a supplier who was formerly great – can loose their way over time.

The main warning signs to look out for are:

  • Old data packaged up as fresh data. In these instances your agents will come across deceased prospects or people no longer at the address. If your agent begin to notice incorrect details feedback, it’s a sure sign your data isn’t as fresh as it should be.
  • Overnight web leads packaged as daytime hot leads. It’s almost always cheaper to bid on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns during the night, rather than during the day. For these reasons, some supplier will look to bulk leads out by obtaining them during the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, these leads will be stone cold by the morning. To combat this, look out for a flurry of web leads in the opening hour of each day. Many of these leads won’t answer and/or the person can’t remember putting the lead through.

If you are looking for an outbound dialler, or want to chat about data – Get In Touch with the team today!


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