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All good telemarketers develop a thick skin over time. The industry has often suffered from a poor reputation, and there are always some clients who don’t wish to receive sales calls; however, building a solid brand and being consistent with every customer interaction are the main ways to push past this.

Overcoming Anxiety

The number one way to beat any anxiety when dialling is through positivity. Learning to build and develop your confidence in closing will help you keep pushing on with the task in hand – without becoming disheartened by poor feedback or sales. You’ll notice that your own productivity will improve, helping your co-workers to boost theirs too, a win-win situation. It’s important to treat every call as it’s own small task, remaining positive as you play the numbers game that is sales.

Top Tip: Don’t stop when you close a sale. Your positivity from that call will naturally flow into your next batch.

Handling Rejection

Rejection comes part and parcel of the telesales world. There’s always things to learn form every negative interaction, and by continually improving your pitch you’ll be able to slowly boost your success rate over time. This is really important for teams of agents, as by improving the pitch everyone uses, you can boost your entire companies sales by huge amounts – you’ll also suffer fewer complaints too.

Top Tip: Rejection is all part of the job, try not to take it too personally.

Handling Call Backs

Not every customer you contact is quite ready to purchase yet. This doesn’t mean they’ll never become a sale of course; it often takes a number of interactions with a company before a possible client becomes a full time customer. During this time, it’s really important to maintain the quality of each conversation and focus on the longer term sale that could result. It’s also great to take as much information with each call – as this creates a picture of the client that could help close the sale easily when the time comes. The Blue Telecoms hosted dialler allows your agents to set and make call backs easily.

Turning Negatives Into Positives

When canvassing clients, it’s extremely important to convert negative responses into positive ones. Almost all customers will worry about certain aspects of your product, it’s natural buying behaviour. By showing the customer the positive parts of the product, and how they can make the negatives look extremely small.

Above all, it’s always good to avoid wasting anyone’s time if they’re not a suitable client.

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