Old customers or clients can be a valuable source of income for your business. However, it isn’t always simple in convincing them to return, and importantly, it can also be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

Here are some useful tips in how to re-activate your existing customer base, keeping both time and costs to a minimum, for maximum effect:

Choose telephone over email

For existing or former customers, email just isn’t enough. Anyone who has already done business with you will feel a certain connection with your branding, and will likely already have had a lot of interaction with your employees, so a more personal touch is needed. Calling customers is the obvious way of achieving this – encourage your employees to tailor each call as much as possible, to make it clear to the former customer that you value their business.

Use a hosted predictive dialler

Automating calls can help your business cut both costs and time when it comes to calling former clients. Employees will be able to reach a larger number of customers in a shorter time – but ensure that you choose a fully unified platform, like our very own hosted predictive dialler, that offers complete integration with cloud services and apps that your business already uses, plus reporting features, excellent security levels and 24/7 customer support.

Initiate a review

Encourage feedback and discussion from your former clients once you have them on the phone – what can your business do better? What did they like? Why did they leave? Ensure that the customer feels they can genuinely air their issues or opinions with you, and react with fairness and understanding. By showing them that you’re responsive, you are far more likely to win their custom back.

Consider special offers

Most people cannot resist a bargain, so giving your former customer base a chance to grab an exclusive offer is an easy way to bring them back to your business. You can make the offer relevant for a limited time only, or you can communicate a longer-standing discount if the client purchases a certain amount of products or services.

To learn more about how a dialler can help you re-activate your old customer base, call us on 03334445558 or email sales@bluetelecoms.com

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