Questions are the lifeblood of a telesales agents work. With a well crafted question, you can open doors to conversations with clients you might never have had. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up struggling to close deals. Good questioning can build rapport with clients, and also lead to up-selling – if that’s part of your business model.

Until you ask the correct question, you’ll never know what your customer needs. Until you know what your customer actually needs, you can’t begin to come up with a solution to their problems.

Learning how to use questions correctly, is a hugely important step in a telesales agents career. Simple tweaks to how you phrase a question, can emphasise or limit the impact of a statement – helping you understand your clients better.

Negative Questioning

One of the easiest mistakes new telesales agents make, is phrasing questions in a negative light. By adopting a negative approach, it invites your customers to respond in an equally negative way. A good example is trying to close a client meeting, instead of asking “I couldn’t interest you in a meeting could I?”, we would suggest saying “Would you find it helpful if we met?”.

One of those questions approaches from a negative angle, whilst the other keeps everything positive.

By flipping your questioning to more positive variants, you’ll keep your client interactions happy and helpful – hopefully leading to easier sales too.

Changing Negatives into Positives

Switching a negative question towards a positive one is really easy to do. Once you get used to it, you’ll find it becomes second nature. Almost any negative question can be converted into a more positive variant – this ensures you keep all your interactions positive and helpful.

The easiest way to get started, is to write down and think about the questions you use most frequently as part of your pitch. Do those questions tend to invite a negative response from clients? If so, you should consider re-phrasing the question to become more positive. Try to remove any negative words:


Until your question starts to feel more positive as you ask it. Role playing can help you hone your new questions too. By practicing with other agents, everyone on the sales floor can improve their questioning ability.

Once you’ve mastered the art of positive questioning, you’ll instantly bring more positivity to your canvassing calls. Hopefully, this positivity will boost your conversion rate, and make each interaction with clients much easier – even if they don’t always close for you.


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